Wednesday, October 6, 2010

No Sleep No Blog

Its official - I no longer sleep at night.  Due to my expanding tummy and the very odd, restless leg syndrome, I have foresaken sleep for quilting, sewing, watching commonwealth games sports (thats getting desperate for me) and The Tudors, alas though writing a blog (and leaving the house during the day) is becoming a struggle.  Can't really cope with anything requiring too much thinking. (I am however obsessing over which combination of Cloth Australia fabrics to buy to reupolster my beautiful Parker lounge to go in new bambini's room).

I am suppose to be making birth art according to my new book - but that aint happening either.  Stay tuned
I live in hope.

                                                                  My first ever quilt.

I highly recommend the Tudors to any history/Henri VIII fans.  Jonathon Rhys Meyers is excellent as Henri, as well, Sam Neill is very good as the conniving Cardinal Wolesley.

Found this lovely little dolls dress and the 1960's bark cloth at one of my new favourite shops - The Wollongong Antique Centre in Auburn St, Wollongong.  The dress was like a memory left behind.  It was $8 well spent as I have already been inspired to do an artwork from it.  The bark cloth will hopefully one day soon be two cushions for benches that I don't actually own yet.

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